Ink Village: Affiches A2 en sérigraphie

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Curating group exhibition Ink Village: Affiches A2 en sérigraphie at Galerie My monkey, 2019
  • Artists: Moonsick Gang, Regular Practice, Risotto Studio, Chony Park, Bráulio Amado, Sarah Boris, Son Ni, Studio Bergini, Specht Studio, Artist Proof, Alexis Mark, O.OO, Hezin O, Yeji Yun, Jaemin Lee, Woochul Jang, Dahye Jeong, Jesjit Gill, Koen Taselaar, Team Thursday, Folder Studio, Gilles de Brock
  • Collaborator: Galerie My monkey (installation, photograph)
“‘Le festival L’enfer’ is a new opportunity to explore the world of micro-publishing and hand-made publishing. This year the Galerie My monkey has invited Corners, a design/print studio in Seoul, South Korea since 2012. The group exhibition entitled Ink Village was initiated by Corners for the first time in February 2019 in Seoul. For this second edition, 22 illustrators, photographers and designers were invited to design posters in A2 format. Posters were all risoprinted by Corners. Ink Village proposes to widen the field of exploration of this singular medium (risoprint) while proving once again its capacity to surprise by its specific rendering of the colors, the vibration, the depth and the unexpected combinations where it allows. Ink village gives us a glimpse of the Korean scene with the pieces of: Artist Proof, Chony Park, Dahye Jeong, Hezin O, Jaemin Lee, Moonsick Gang, Woochul Jang, Yeji Yun. It is also an opportunity to (re) discover many international artists: Alexis Mark, Bráulio Amado, Folder Studio, Gilles de Brock, Jesjit Gill, Koen Taselaar, O.OO, Regular Practice, Risotto Studio, Sarah Boris, Son Ni, Specht Studio, Studio Bergini, Team Thursday.” – Statement by Galerie My monkey