Ink Village

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Curating group exhibition «Ink Village: A2 Riso Posters» at Archive Bomm
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: Curating, Visual identity
  • Artists: Moonsick Gang, Regular Practice, Risotto Studio, Chony Park, Bráulio Amado, Son Ni, Studio Bergini, Specht Studio, Artist Proof, Alexis Mark, O.OO, Hezin O, Yeji Yun, Jaemin Lee, Woochul Jang, Dahye Jeong, Jesjit Gill, Koen Taselaar, Team Thursday, Folder Studio, Gilles de Brock
  • Sound: Vakki
  • Installation: Seokyoung Hong, Seonguk Jin, Younggun Lee
  • Phograph: Dahye Jeong
  • Sponsor: Riso Korea
  • Collaborator: Archive Bomm
Corners Printing, which specializes in risograph printing, presents a group exhibition, «Ink Village», in collaboration with Archive Bomm and the support of RISO Korea.

Marking its second edition in 2019, the exhibition shows new work of 21 domestic and international artists (graphic designers, photographers and illustrators) on an A2 RISO currently used by Corners Printing.

«Ink Village» carries the subtitle ‘A2 Riso Posters’. In this edition, Corners Printing wants to expand the perception of risograph printing by not only highlighting “the vibrant qualities of the prints, the surprising and unexpected color combinations and a sense of depth that is only achievable in stencil-based printing methods”, but also by proposing the ability to express a new format of risograph printing, A2 Riso Printing.